American Society of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies
Edward A. Levine, M.D.
Chief, Surgical Oncology
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: 336-716-4276
Fax:     336-716-9758

John Marshall, MD
Director, Lombardi Cancer Center
Washington, DC
Phone: 202-444-7064
Fax:     202-444-1229

Martin Goodman, MD
Director, Peritoneal Surface
Malignancy Program
Tufts  Medical Center
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-636-9248
Fax:     617-636-9095
Board of Directors
Jesus Esquivel, MD, FACS
Director PSM Program
Frederick Memorial Hospital
Phone: 240 575 2526
Fax:     240 575 2527

Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik RN BSN
Abdominal Cancer Connection
Crown Point Indiana
Phone: 219-662-9445